Red Dead Redeem my money and buy a better game

**I just found this and it’s in note form but I have little to ZERO interest in finishing Red Dead Redemption. I got 80% of the way through. It hurt. So I’m posting up my whinings in note form and you can read them if you like! PS It gets less ‘notey’ after a couple of paragraphs.**

Train journey, Mexicans. wave after wave. not one of them thought to just put a log on the track… very repetitive and unrealistic having killed 80 or so Mexicans who just kept on coming. Yawn.
Been comparing to Halo in my head. Halo plays as if the world was built for the enemies, RDR plays more like they sandbox rendered a whole world and then spawned enemies in at random. It actually feels like a step backwards from Operation Flashpoint’s use of this tactic.

Main protagonist doesn’t stand up for himself or his morals, especially bad given you have the choice to be good or bad. Sure, he’s fighting for his wife and kid (which I haven’t yet seen) but at the least we need some flash backs to them being held captive/tortured/whatever to make us sympathise with Marsden and accept his being a cunt (see the bit above where I talked about killing 80 seemingly mindless Mexican rebels).

This game feels lazy. Ride here, shoot that, ride back, talk, ride out, shoot this, ride back, ride a wagon, attacked by rebels, act surprised about attack, ride back, ride out BLAH BLAH BLAH. This game needs: FUCKING COWBOYS, FUCKING INDIANS, FUCKING GOLD, A FUCKING AWESOME TOWN/CITY.


Cease and Persist

The attention to detail is upsettingly low, especially given that it’s from Rockstar (although I’d argue they’re nowhere near as good as most people gush that they are at doing living worlds).

For example: I walk into a bar. I’m a badass gunslinger, one of the last. My name precedes me. People heard I was coming. There’s whores and alcoholics left, right and centre. The music stops, chairs scrape back, heads turn. Silence. “I’m here for X”, tentative glances all round. The inevitable lackeys of Mr X go to draw, I shoot them both dead before their guns are unholstered. There’s a bar fight, crashing of stools on heads, drunks falling over banisters and a wisened bar man that pours me a free drink, the piano starts up again.

Well. No. Sadly not. The bars I’ve been in make the place feel like a ghost town. Just these half realised figures swanning about, despawning when I’m a horse-shoe’s throw away, lacking any real depth of interaction, any complex goals. A prostitute might go up and talk to someone but that’s it. No flirting, no ogling, no going off to the back room, nothing really. It’s all actually very shallow which makes the game feel very superficial, all the worse when there are no skyscrapers, helicopters or drug deals to take your mind off it all.

I have always felt frustrated by GTA’s system whereby the AI seems to operate in a 2 block radius around you. Go further away and the Intelligence Routine on whatever it was, ends. This is most notable when you see something like a nice car and you chase after it only to find it has, impossibly, vanished. If I recall correctly this was especially obvious with cop cars once you lost your wanted level.

It all just serves to make the game world feel fake. It lacks persistence. There were sensible reasons for older GTA games, i.e. memory constraints, but they’re surely no longer such an issue?

I keep thinking back to Halo and how I never knew the AI shut off when I was far away until I heard that Reach could manage double the amount of enemies. I also keep thinking back to Outcast which was a 90s game with better persistence (seemingly) than RDR.

Outcast was awesome

Travelling sucks to hell as well. Currently I’m doing missions for just 1 person. He likes to live on the west of the map and do his business on the east so it’s a cutscene/carriage ride/’press A to skip’ and I’m there. Kill some things. Make a camp fire so I can automatically return to the quest give… oh, wait ‘You can’t make a camp fire here’. Off I run to a nondescript part of the world where there aren’t any houses or roads. Apparently campfires can’t be lit on roads or on porches 😦

The riding is OK but far from exotic. I’m getting extremely fed up with constantly mashing A to get my horse to ride at full pelt which is nothing more developed than The Ocarina of Time’s carrot system. On top of that it really could benefit from a more detailed system for finding a speedy steed. In GTA you could tell a car by eye immediately, in RDR it’s a trickier prospect. Some horses do look scrawnier but I only really notice I’ve been riding a fast beast when I accidentally shoot it in the face and end up on a slow one.

Ha, as I finished that paragraph a tumbleweed just rolled past the screen.

The whole game feels like a ghost town.

Slinging my hook

The weaponry, of what I’ve seen, which I believe is most of it, is rather boring. True enough this is the Wild West and we can’t be expecting lasers out of eye balls but the variety between guns, especially of the same class, is negligible. The main problem with this is the Dead Eye and Auto-target functions. Both are disgustingly easy. All you have to do is alternate tapping Left Trigger (auto aim) and Right Trigger (fire) and you really don’t need to concern yourself with what you’re shooting with. And yes, I know I can turn off auto-aim but I am always loathe to play a game on anything but the settings it was designed at as ‘normal’.

DeadEye, the much vaunted Matrix mode from the original game is fun… for a while. The trouble is it doesn’t feel very rewarding. I just tend to hit it when there are a lot of people on screen and then… ho-hum… click, click, click, click and they’re all targeted. Click again and they’re all dead. It needs something more. Perhaps the variety between weapon types could take a role here. After all, when you realise (too late) you’re not using your pistol, it’s a very tedious and unrealistic affair to watch yourself reload in slow motion between each shot.

Perhaps I’m wrong about this, I do need to do more shopping but I’ve just not seen the point in wasting the dollar bills when I can clear a wave of rebels with my eyes closed with my pistol.


Poker. Bloody hell don’t bother. It’s so slow and unamusing when it should be one of Rockstar’s mini games that actually beats all the full blown poker games out there. HOW(?!) is it so bloody crap?! It lacks all of the nuance you would expect. Sure there are a couple of ‘characters’ at the table but only in so much as they are modeled differently and each has about 2 lines to REPEAT AND REPEAT AND REPEAT AND REPEAT. You can’t work out who has what chips very easily (although they do change). Nobody has any traits. There’s some kind of way to palm a card off the bottom of the deck which I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get wrong, mainly because the instructions on how to do it appear DURING THE EVENT. Failure results in a duel. It doesn’t matter if it’s against another cowboy or against the 60 year old owner of the general store. IT’S A DUEL. Sigh. So so rubbish is the poker aspect that it makes me cry at night.

EDIT –  You can’t even have a drink at the poker table. I just remembered! GRARRRHRHRHFHGHGHRHRH!


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