What a day

I’ve not ‘done’ anything as such unless lying down counts as as active.


The news tells me a dog is being suckled by a pig, a man is flying through the air with a jet pack, the world’s smallest cow is REALLY SMALL and the world’s largest snake is REALLY LARGE!

On top of this I’m reliving what I can remember of a lovely night with much surprise rapping. I’m also mentally preparing myself for a house party tonight where I probably know NOBODY.

On top of it all I’m still trying to meet one of the world’s prettiest girls. She’s very evasive but I’m not going to let that, or my face, stop it from eventually HAPPENING! Mind you, if (WHEN!) I do finally get to see her I’ll probably just do this face 0.O and whatever noise accompanies the act of ‘GAWPING’.


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