Pending the start of my new job next week I have been mainly BORED enough to make TSHIRTS!





This one was very nearly not a T-Shirt at all until I decided to paint in an imaginary paw and make it stick OUT! Then it had to be a T-Shirt. Embarassingly I didn’t realise until afterwards that the cut of my T-Shirts jib was rather girly compared to the one I bought for my Tee-Rex (even though they were both from the same rail. Yes, FUCK YOU TOPMAN).





The second one, created when I had definitely NOT DONE MY HAIR is totally awesome. It’s completely nicked from the wonderful DINOSAUR COMICS by Ryan North. If you don’t read it daily then you have more fun things to do which I find odd, please tell me what these fun things are.

It’s a zoomed cut0ut from the daily Dinosaur Comics’ final panel with some white outlines to emphasise the pixels.

The picture here is just a test with me holding a paper version to my top. The grey borders aren’t THERE ANYMORE.

Here’s the actual pic. I am quite good at T-Shirts!

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