ultra-rare SPECIAL GREEK ANIMAL high five!

Long time no speak, you guys!

I have been spending my downtime trying, and failing to build a list of all of the indigenous wildlife my cousin and I encountered during the brief moments we weren’t soaked in Tequila whilst on our mini-break to Corfu.

So, enough fighting with google images. Instead, let me talk about the truly ultra-rare high five I received instead!

The best high-fives, you might think, are those resounding ‘smackers’, especially when it’s with a beautiful girl you’ve just encountered in a pub and she’s been waiting for a true high five champion to do palm love with. WRONG! The truly awesomest of all high fives is the one that finds you and leaves you going ‘seriously, WHAT just happened?’. In my case followed by ‘dude, did you see that thing just high five me’ and ‘duuuude. THAT was a FRICKIN Hummingbird!’.

It turns out it was even more ultra-rare and awesome than that.
Internet, I introduce you to the HUMMINGBIRD HAWK MOTH!

ima eat all the nectar!

Yes, I know! A moth that looks and acts exactly like a hummingbird with the exception of when in the presence of naked flames.

This little fella flew up to me on the beach and, as far as I could tell, attempted to extract pollen from my hand with its proboscis. Two things of note here! 1. I got to say ‘proboscis’ and 2. I call that a high five!

Macroglossum stellatarum is his real clever name and the sharp amongst you will notice it nearly contains the word ‘stellar’ like SPACE!

All this is so interesting you probably think you’ve had your daily dose of facts but NO! There’s more. Like ‘why the frick does this li’l fella look like a hummingbird you guys??!’. I’ll tell you. CONVERGENT EVOLUTION!

Convergent evolution is awesomeness made flesh. It’s why both birds and bats have wings but they’re separate predecessors didn’t. Because wings just make sense! Analogous structures for the win!

There’s another word to describe this analogous convergence. HOMOPLASY! ‘This is probably the best post ever’, I hear you exclaim.

I could talk about the amazing similarities and differences of squid eyes and mammal eyes but it will lead down a rambling path at the end of which lies a conversation about molecular flagellar motors so I’ll cool my boots for now and say KALIMERA to you, Hummingbird Hawk-Moth, awesomest and high-fiviest of all the moths.

ima eat all the nectar!

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2 Responses to ultra-rare SPECIAL GREEK ANIMAL high five!

  1. Ellen says:

    I’ve never been on your blog before, but this is so awesome! I want to high-five both it and you, ideally at the same time!

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