Steve Merchant penned to ruin Portal 2 by being ‘funny’

“Hi Steve, OK let’s just run through these funny lines. Yeah, that’s right, you’re a funny computer because that worked last time and repetition is the key.”

[Tries lines]

“OK, and now if you could just give it another go but accentuate that hilarious Bristol accent… you know… like every director of a TV commercial you voice over asks you to. Great.”

[Tries lines again]

“Ok, that’s so nearly awesome but could you perhaps ruin it a bit by doing that skin-crawling gasp noise you invented with Ricky Gervais, you know… just, a lot of the time. You could? Great!”

[Tries lines again]

“Perfect! Now if you could just say ‘worst’ a bit more like ‘wurst’ and incorporate the hissy mouth-fart sigh noise into the words ‘mad’ and ‘die’. Oh, and say bloody a lot. That’s what you say right?”

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