Change is afoot!

Something entirely alien has just happened in my brain. I have just decided to apply for a job and THEN reward myself by playing some videogames. This is utterly unprecedented. I can’t remember the last time I decided the best thing to do was to be productive before being mindless. Worrying times! What can it all mean you guys?

Obama change is a A foot

Still, I’m not quite as good as I could be. I’ll still read Dinosaur Comics first, and then probably click every bookmark in my browser just to make sure I’ve not missed something that may have been updated on 4chan or Somethingawful or Gametrailers or Facebook or Twitter or or or…

I’ll be sure to let you know if I actually do it or if I wander off and play with a kitten or tidy my room or get stuck in an infinite Old Spice Youtube loop.

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