Deus Ex Human Revolution, in-game footage and why it might actually be good!

I’m a bit late to the show with this on account of being variously drunk in Suffolk, London and Brighton but look! Deus Ex and it looks GOOD! In fact, it looks quite a lot like they took the style of Metal Gear Solid and married it with the shooting of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and the sneak-brawl combo of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Crysis character modelling looks to have had an effect on the designers here too and, dare I say it, there may be some throwbacks to Turok weaponry if that looping crossbow is anything to go by!

Gunther Hermann Deus Ex

Gunther Hermann Deus Ex

There’s also a fair share of Perfect Dark in this clip, itself influenced by Blade Runner (what isn’t?). The Shanghai setting is awesome and I’m looking forward to the campery of augmented German goons like the original’s Gunther.

I’m not much sure about the successor to one of gaming’s most cerebral FPS’s having the word 8OO B-EE on the side of the opening chopper though 😦

Boobs :(

Boobies 😦 (click to see it properly)

I’m going to try not to get excited about this, even if the protagonist does seem to be capable of shooting EMP Frisbee grenades out of his elbows(!)
The last game, Deus Ex: Invisible War, was soul crushingly pap. Still, it does seem to have been long enough to hold off on another sequel and if they can complement the original’s political and philosophical atmosphere with the influences of today’s major blockbusters we could be in for an awesome ride.
I just hope they remember the important things. Things like silence. Things like freedom – and by that I don’t mean the option to go [LEFT] or [RIGHT] first in the story arch but to be able to feel like you’re in an immersive world, something Mass Effect II very nearly manages to do and would have succeeded had they remembered that people WALK places and that ADULTS have CHILDREN from time to time. The biggest tip either Bioware or Eidos could take on that matter would be from voxel-based CPU-melter of its day, Outcast which was rendering living and breathing cities and landscapes back in 1999 to spectacular effect.

I have a promising feeling about this. I doubt it will be as cerebral as the original but what is to stop them creating a game for the masses and then going in and populating the deeper layers of the world with more Aquinas or political mantras blowing on flyers down the street? The

Outcast Screenshot

The opening stages of Outcast

goons don’t have to read them and everyone will be happy, maybe even EDGE Magazine.
My last request is that EIDOS ease up on the cinematics. Deus EX shouldn’t feel like Metal Gear Solid, it should feel more like Goldeneye – like it’s you, going it alone, being awesome, not like you’re watching an avatar with a billion polygons and awful sunglasses show off his cyber muscles as if everyone is actually playing it at an E3 conference.
Deus Ex was so personal, so immersive, so involving, so dark and so quiet that it’d be an utter shame to glamorize it and in so doing destroy its legacy.
And seriously, fuck off with the boob joke.
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